As a New England state, Maine offers a rugged coastline with lots of beauty. This and the internal waterways make grabbing a kayak and exploring the waterways a surreal experience.

Enjoying the beautiful Atlantic Ocean is a favorite vacation for many families. The coast off of New England is a perfect spot to see the breathtaking northern views of the East Coast, and people flock there from all over the world to enjoy the climate and scenery. Maine is the place that a lot of tourists choose for their coastal vacation, and Maine kayaking can be a great way to combine outdoor adventure with your trip.

Kayaking is a great water adventure for anyone who wants to spend some time in a boat at sea. Kayaks, because of their small size and low passenger capacity (only one to three people) make for either a solitary or group activity – depending on whether you go out on the water by yourself or with a tour group. The fact that kayaks are people-powered, meaning that they’re moved along with paddles, gives kayaking an edge over motor powered boating activities – it’s also good exercise.

Maine kayaking comes in two forms: river kayaking and sea kayaking. The opportunity to go sea kayaking in Maine should not be missed, as not all of the areas in the United States offer sea kayaking. Maine Kayak, one of the largest kayaking and canoeing companies in the state, offers tours, lessons and rentals in order to fill all of your kayak related needs. This company also offers whitewater kayaking in the Penobscot and Kennbec Rivers – for a more challenging kayaking trip.

Maine sea kayaking is done off of Moscongus Bay and Johns Bay – with the opportunity to see much of the area’s wildlife while out on the water. Whales, seals, ospreys and puffins are all resident in the waters off of Maine, and make your sea kayaking experience a time to build memories. Maine Kayak also offers what they call “eco-tourism” trips, where you can experience the wildlife of the area at specific times, such as at sunset. Additionally, lessons on sea kayaking and river kayaking offer both beginners and those looking to brush up on techniques a way to enjoy their time here.

Whether you choose to take a sea kayaking or river trip in Maine, kayaking is a great way to experience the beauty of this state and its surroundings. Perfect scenery in spring, summer and fall make a kayak vacation in Maine something that any outdoors person would love to enjoy.

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