We all know that travelling with a squirmy toddler, crying infant, or both can be stressful for the entire family. With today’s cute hanging tethers, you can hang on a car seat, stroller, high chair, or seat belt, things can improve.

It isn’t news that toddlers are attention seekers, so make sure you have plenty of things to occupy them. Especially for the most stressful stages of your trip, such as waiting in airports and flying in a plane surrounded by people who want to read, rest, and relax.

Here are 3 things you shouldn’t forget when traveling by plane with a toddler, and why you should attach a tethering accessory to the seat belt of the plane:

* DON’T FORGET TOYS. If you think losing a toy in a car is tough, just wait until that toy drops under the seat and rolls up the next aisle, and you have to ask the nice ladies on Row 12 to retrieve the toy, and when you get it, it’s full of hair and dust. This will not happen if you have gear that will keep toys secure and near your child at all times.

* DON’T FORGET DRINKS. Never assume that you’ll arrive on time or that the plane has acceptable drinks for a toddler. Bring along a sippy cup or bottle with your little one’s favorite drink. Make sure you have a holder to attach the sippy cup to the seat belt. This way you don’t have to worry about germs that your kids might come in contact with if the cup falls on a dirty floor. Or about a sticky spill that frustrates your baby and needs immediate cleanup from a flight attendant.

* DON’T FORGET SECURITY OBJECTS. If your child has a security object like a blanket, you don’t have to bring a replacement in case something happens to the original. Again, this is when a holder becomes very useful. You can keep the blanket secure from those inevitable accidents and losses that occur.

And if you are waiting in a busy airport with a help of a good tether you can hook the bottle and blanket or toy to the stroller. Your toddler will be content, and you can go to claim your bags in peace.

Tethering devices for seat belts on air planes and car seats have become one of the most sought-after accessories for travelling with children today. The best kinds of gear are the ones that will let you attach two things (like the sippy cup and a blanket) at the same time. Sure, you can buy two of those that only have the one strand each, but this will make life a little more complicated.

As a busy parent, you learn to appreciate the little things that make our lives and plane travel more pleasurable. Especially if you’re travelling with a toddler, twins, special needs, or multiples.

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